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Exquisite Linzer Torte –
hand crafted for taste direct from the heart of the Black Forest!

Only the finest specialty ingredients are good enough for
Stoll’s Linzer Torte

Let your soul escape for a moment into a magical world of nostalgia…

Do you remember grandmother’s kitchen with aromas of nuts, almonds, cinnamon and jelly mingling invitingly? Stoll’s Linzer Tortes will bring back all of these heavenly and flavorful experiences.  Just unwrapping one of our fresh baked Linzer Torte is an adventure for the senses. Delivered in a neat gift box, the well-crafted Linzer Tortes exude a wonderfully aromatic scent.  We’ve been baking the original Stoll Linzer Torte for six generations in our traditional bakery nestled amidst the hills of historic Bernau in the Southern Black Forest.

Our recipe is a unique and well-kept family secret. 

True to our guiding motto, “Baking and confections for consciously discriminating connoisseurs”, everything that goes into a Stoll masterpiece is expertly chosen, balanced and prepared.  It’s no wonder that Stoll Linzer Tortes are world renowned.

You deserve this special treat.  Or you can pamper a loved one.
There are many Linzer Tortes but Stoll Linzer Tortes are unique and unparalleled.
You have my word that I will give your Linzer Torte the same care and love that go into what I serve my own family.


Theo Stoll, confectioner and master baker, Bernau Black Forest


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Linzer cookie

Linzer Torte (20, 22 & 26 cm dia.)

7,70 EUR
7,70 EUR per